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Complete List of Freehold Areas in Dubai

Complete List of Freehold Areas in Dubai

In recent decades the city of Dubai has turned into one of the most modern cities in the world. More than 3.5 million people live in Dubai which makes it the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and more people are being added to that tally every year.

The UAE government has been able to attract a wealth of international investors from all over the world to its most luxurious city. Dubai is now one of the main attractions for a large number of investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Investing in Dubai comes with a long list of benefits and advantages which is why many people from all over the world are looking into various ways of investing in this city.

The UAE government and the city of Dubai offer a number of great ways for investment. One of the better ones is investing in the real estate market through purchasing property.

In this article we are going to go through different types of properties, different types of ownerships, different types of real estates, all the freehold areas and finally we will answer a few frequently asked questions. So without further ado, let us start.

What is a freehold area?

A freehold area is an area in which foreign investors are able to buy and own property. These Freehold Zones are chosen and determined by the UAE government as areas that allow expatriates to reside and invest in.

In this type of ownership, the buyer gets the full ownership of the property for eternity with no restrictions of any kind and that is why it is the most popular type of ownership for expatriates.

There are also two other types of ownership – Leasehold and Commonhold – which are not the focus of this blog post.

freehold areas in dubai

What types of real estate are available in Dubai?

Dubai may offer only three different types of ownership but there is a broad selection of various categories from which you can choose to buy and invest in.

Apartments, villas, villa communities, condos, penthouses, duplexes, lofts, studios and townhouses in the residential sector plus a range of options in the commercial parts such as offices, showrooms and commercial buildings.

What kinds of property are available in Dubai for expatriates?

In general there are four kinds of property based on how far the project has gone along. The first one is off-plan which refers to unconstructed property that is bought directly from the developer.

Then there are the near-completion and ready-to-move-in properties which are newly constructed pieces of property. Lastly you have the option of the secondary market and buying a piece of property from another owner.

freehold areas property in dubai

A complete list of freehold areas in Dubai

Now that you know what the main type of ownership and various kinds of real estate and properties are, all there is left is to dive into the list of freehold areas in Dubai.

  1. Arjan
  2. Al Barari
  3. Al Furjan
  4. Al Warsan
  5. Arabian Ranches
  6. Barsha Heights
  7. Bluewaters Island
  8. Business Bay
  9. Culture Village
  10. Discovery Gardens
  11. Downtown Dubai
  12. Old Town Dubai
  13. Dubai Marina
  14. Dubai Creek Harbour
  15. Dubai Production City
  16. Dubai Residence Complex (Dubailand)
  17. Dubai Science Park
  18. Dubai Studio City
  19. Dubai Festival City
  20. Dubai Hills Estate
  21. Dubai Silicon Oasis
  22. Dubai South
  23. Dubai Sports City
  24. Dubai Waterfront
  25. Emirates Hills
  26. Liwan
  27. Palm Jumeirah
  28. Park Gate Residences
  29. International City
  30. Meydan City
  31. Motor City
  32. Mudon
  33. Mohammed Bin Rashid City
  34. Mirdif Hills
  35. Reem
  36. Remraam
  37. Town Square
  38. The Villa
  39. The Springs
  40. The Lakes
  41. The Meadows
  42. The Greens
  43. The Views
  44. Tilal Al Ghaf
  45. Umm Suqeim

Top freehold areas for buying villas and apartments

In the previous we introduced 45 freehold areas in which expatriates can buy and own property. In this section we want to have a closer look at a few of the top districts that are popular among foreign investors.

As we saw there is an extensive variety of choices for anyone who intends to invest in Dubai’s real estate. Among these options some are better than others for different reasons and we are going to explore them a bit here.

As we said earlier, expats can buy different types of real estate such as apartments and villas. Arabian Ranches, Emirates Hills and Jumeirah Park are among the areas that are perfect for villas. Jumeirah Circle in particular is one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods that anyone can live in across the UAE.

how to buy property in dubai

On the other hand districts like Business Bay, Downtown Dubai that is home to the iconic Burj Khalifa , Dubai Studio City and The Greens and can be gathered by their names are ideal neighborhoods for buying units in apartments, towers or purchasing offices and commercial properties.

These areas offer a great return on investment since they are – specifically Dubai Studio City and Business Bay – the main financial and commercial districts of the city.

Although that is not all that is. Dubai Marina, Mohammed Bin Rashid City (or MBR City in short) and Palm Jumeirah are a few of the areas that offer both villas and apartments to foreign investors.

Palm Jumeirah especially stands as a premier freehold zone in Dubai, offering a unique haven for expatriates who are drawn to it for its exquisite beachfront lifestyle, unrivaled views of the Arabian Gulf, and a range of world-class amenities.

list of freehold areas in dubai

Final Word

The list of freehold areas is constantly growing and there is going to be greater chances of investment with each passing year.

Dubai offers not only a very extended list of benefits and advantages to expatriates who invest in the city’s real estate, but also gives them a diverse line up of places from which they can buy and own property.

Investment in Dubai’s real estate is one of the safest and most popular forms of investment for High Net Worth Individuals from all over the world which given the infrastructure, tax-free policy and economic security provided by the government is no surprise.

If you are interested in investment in Dubai, waste no time to contact our qualified agents at Jasper Realtors to ask all and any questions you may have regarding this issue. Just like the city of Dubai, we guarantee to deliver what you are looking for and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to find the best area and the best property for investment?
    Before anything we recommend you taking a look at the options available on Jasper Realtors Projects. Before making a choice though, you must determine the reason why you want to buy real estate in Dubai.

For example if you are planning to gain the  residency visa and live in the city, your approach and criteria in order to find the right piece of property would be very different from when you are trying to buy in Dubai’s real estate market as a form of investment.

  • Are there other forms of ownership besides Freehold?

In general there are three different types of property ownership in Dubai for expatriates: Freehold, Leasehold and Commonhold. In this piece we focused on the first type but the other two aren’t that different.

Leasehold is a type of ownership in which the buyer owns the property for a 99-year period. In the Commonhold types, the buyer only owns the building and the ownership of the land upon which the building is built is shared with the other inhabitants in that area.

  • How can one gain residency in Dubai through investment in real estate?

Mainly there are three ways from which an expatriate can gain residency through investment in real estate. In the first way, an investor can gain a three-year residency visa if he/she invests for 750.000 AEDs.

In the second type which is strictly for people who are 55 or more and retired, an investor can gain a five-year residency if they invest one million AEDs or more in the Dubai real estate.

And last but not least an expatriate can gain a ten-year residency visa aka the Golden Visa if they invest two million Arab Emirate Dirhams or more on one or any number of properties.

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