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Cost of living in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic city that will accept many immigrants every year. Tons of foreigners migrate to this city and live for a long time. Although living in Dubai is very ideal, paying attention to the cost of living in Dubai is also very important. Living in Dubai offers the potential of an ideal and dream lifestyle. A truly world-class vision of a forward-thinking city, which still emphasizes conservative and Islamic tradition. If you are one of those people who like to grow in busy and exciting spaces, Dubai can be the right place to live. In the rest of this article, we will examine the living conditions and cost of living in Dubai.

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Living conditions in Dubai:

Living in the United Arab Emirates may be a pleasant experience for those immigrants who are looking to live in a country where income tax is absolutely zero. This Persian Gulf country, which has a wide range of nationalities, is considered a fierce competitor to the cities of London and New York. Due to the hot and humid climate of Dubai, most people choose nights to explore the streets, arcades, restaurants, and beaches. If you also intend to immigrate to Dubai but are not aware of the living conditions in this city, follow us. In this article, we can provide you with useful information.

Dubai city is considered the center of Iranian immigrants who travel there every year for recreation and life. Dubai is at a very high level in terms of security and well-being, but due to the high Cost of living in Dubai, may pose challenges for Iranian immigrants. For example, the average rent in the most typical houses in Dubai is between 900 and 1500 dollars. Therefore, before traveling to Dubai, be sure to pay attention to the issue of accommodation. However, other conditions are ideal for Iranians. Dubai has numerous entertainment and business centers that can delight every immigrant. In general, we must say that living in Dubai is very expensive.

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Advantages of living in Dubai and Cost of living in Dubai

Dubai is an exciting destination to live in that cannot be ignored, so if you want to enjoy your social life and work life in an ideal way, then Dubai will be the best place for you. The weather in Dubai is very pleasant for eight months of the year. Also, the rich culture of this city is another reason for its popularity. Although the Cost of living in Dubai is so high, the facilities like many gyms, many sports clubs, various restaurants with delicious food, high educational standards, and the existence of branches of prestigious global brands such as Nike, are worth it. Besides, there is no income tax in Dubai which makes this city a good destination for migration.

Other advantages of living in Dubai are other conditions like a high standard of living and a low level of crime. Jasper Real Estate will help you with immigration to this multicultural city.

Cost of living in Dubai:

When it comes to the cost of living in a city like Dubai, there is good news and bad news. Living expenses are expenses that are necessary for survival. This includes housing, food, clothing, health care, and transportation. It should be noted that entertainment expenses are not considered living expenses. When determining the cost of living, housing makes up a significant portion of the budget. On average, more of the cost of living in this city will be spent on housing, followed by transportation and food. Also, monthly expenses depend on the number of family members.

·        The cost of housing in Dubai

The open economic structure on one hand and the lack of urban land, on the other hand, have increased the cost of buying a house in Dubai so that buying and selling property in this city has a booming market. Before immigrating to the UAE, it is better to check these costs properly. It is clear that in addition to the city, the size, the area, and the facilities of the house also affect the price.

But if you are looking for cheaper housing to reduce the cost of living in Dubai, renting a property is a good choice for you. Especially in cities other than Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Because the cost of living in Dubai and of course Abu Dhabi is higher than in other cities.

·        The cost of food in Dubai

After preparing a house, food is the most important factor that you should consider in the cost of living in Dubai. Access to the sea and the use of new technologies for planting and harvesting agricultural products have more or less moderated the lack of food due to the desert climate of the United Arab Emirates and the cost of access to food. However, if the financial resources at your disposal do not allow you to splurge, it is better to postpone frequent dining in luxury restaurants in Dubai for the future. Due to the extensive global food trade, the variety of food in the UAE is very high. One of the interesting points about food production in the UAE is that soil production technologies in this country are mostly environmentally friendly, a possibility that is not fully realized even in Western European countries.

·        Transportation costs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important international trade hubs, and the ease of customs laws has made the price of many foreign goods, including personal luxury cars, affordable. Every day, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other cities of the UAE see the most luxurious cars driving on their streets. For example, a Toyota Corolla sedan in the UAE costs 70,000 dirhams on average. So with this account, the cost of living in Dubai is expected to be a bit high in terms of transportation. It is interesting to know that traffic safety is high in this country and driving accidents only account for a low percentage of medical expenses in Dubai.

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In Jasper Real Estate we will explain the cost of transportation and let you know the exact price. Public transportation in densely populated cities is environmentally friendly and highly developed. Gasoline for taxis costs only 3.5 dirhams and public transport stations move a lot of people in different parts of the country every day.

·        The cost of healthcare in Dubai

More than 15 types of public facilities have affected the health situation in this city. In addition to this, insurance institutions in this city, by taking advantage of their extensive power, support their customers well against the coverage of medical expenses. The use of most of them is subject to the removal of citizenship rights, however, to use the most advanced medical services, you can visit more than 11 world-renowned hospitals and thousands of small medical centers. For more information, refer to the article “Health Insurance in Dubai for Foreigners

·        Study fees in Dubai

Since the right to study in public institutions of this country belongs only to its citizens, immigrants have to bear the exorbitant costs of studying in more than 50 private institutions. Even though education is one of the most important costs of living in Dubai and other cities of the UAE, the number of people interested in entering universities in this country is increasing. To raise the prestige of university education at the international level, the United Arab Emirates government is committed to the establishment and operation of dozens of private centers in this country. Taking advantage of the most modern educational facilities, offering all courses in English, and facilitating the entry of students into the prestigious universities of the world are important motivations for those interested in spending money in this field.

·        Income tax and other government fees

The average monthly income of 600 dirhams in this country can even double if no tax is deducted due to the lack of tax laws. The United Arab Emirates is an oil-rich country, however, it is one of the leading countries in the Middle East in the field of freeing its economy from oil. This has led to the prediction of accurate and efficient tax laws in the financial structure of this country.


In general, it can be said that although the cost of living in Dubai is very high, the existence of a suitable platform for activity and business makes it an ambitious but logical decision, because the tax revenues of this country are again channeled into the development and progress of its markets. Compared to other countries in the Middle East, the cost of living in Dubai seems to be somewhat high, but do not forget that this country is the most important destination for investors in the region. Naturally coping with a new environment and conditions with a different culture and environment is stressful for everyone, but if your knowledge, money, and even courage are high, you can travel to this city easily and benefit from its wonderful facilities.

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