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Hospitals & Medical Centers in Dubai

Hospitals & Medical Centers in Dubai

Just like almost any other thing, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is a pioneer when it comes to delivering the best possible services in medicine and healthcare to its citizens and residents and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this feature: the best and most well-known hospitals and medical centers in Dubai.

We have previously talked extensively about the healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates and the ins and outs of health insurance for expatriates and foreigners in Dubai which we highly recommend to give it a read.

The following is the list of medical centers and hospitals and a few more points you will read about:

  • What is Dubai Health Authority or DHA?

1- Public Medical Centers & Hospital

  • Dubai Hospital
  • Hatta Hospital
  • Latifa Women and Children Hospital
  • Al Jalila Hospital
  • Rashid Hospital
  • Dubai Healthcare City

2- Private Medical Centers & Hospital

  • Zulekha Hospital
  • Medcare Hospital
  • American Hospital Dubai
  • Canadian Specialist Hospital
  • Iranian Hospital
  • Emirates Hospital
  • Saudi German Hospital
  • Aster Hospital
  • Medeor Hospital
  • Al Zahra Hospital
  • MediClinic Middle East
  • Bonus List
  • Final Word

What is Dubai Health Authority or DHA?

The Dubai Health Authority or DHA for short is the governmental entity that watches over both the public and private sector of health care in Dubai. The public sector is mainly is and used by the Emirati nationals who as a matter of fact make up the minority of the population in Dubai and as such there are somewhat a limited number of public hospitals and medical centers in this metropolis.

That is not to mean that the expatriates and foreign residents are not allowed to take advantage of the public sector’s services but since most foreign residents are insured by the private sector, then they prefer to take care of their medical needs in the private centers and facilities.

Since 2014 every single resident in Dubai must be medically insured whether that is by their own choice or provided through their employers or family members.

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1- Public Medical Centers & Hospital

Now without further ado let us start by introducing a few of the most famous medical centers in Dubai; First we are going to start with the public sector.

·        Dubai Hospital

Dubai Hospital which is located on Al Khaleej Road is among one of the best medical centers provided by the government. This hospital which was founded way back in 1983 currently has more than 600 beds and there are more than 25 different types of surgical specialties and subspecialties available here.

·        Hatta Hospital

Hatta hospital with almost 70 beds and a modern two-story building located in the city of Hatta with a population of over 40.000 residents offer 24/7 emergency services to patients.

·        Latifa Women and Children Hospital

Latifa hospital, established in 1987 was the very first hospital created specifically for children. Latifa hospital which used to be called Al Wasl Hospital is one of the finest medical centers for women and children which specializes in obstetrics and gynecology.

·        Al Jalila Hospital

Al Jalila is another hospital that is dedicated specifically to children and their wellbeing. Since 2021 many of the pediatric, surgical and emergency services of the Latifa Hospital have been transferred to this state-of-the-art Children’s Specialty Hospital.

·        Rashid Hospital

Rashid hospital with over 760 beds is one of the biggest medical centers in the UAE. As one of the oldest hospitals in Dubai which was founded in 1973, this hospital has continued to grow overtime with the demands of an ever-growing population.

·        Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City or DHCC for short is a healthcare landmark that delivers both a variety of hospitals and medical centers as well as opportunities for investment for expatriates and foreign investors.

Dubai Healthcare City has more than 160 clinics and medical facilities and five hospitals that provide not only a rather thorough range of medical services but also a great chance for investment.

Do not hesitate to contact the qualified lawyers at Jasper Real Estate to ask for more information related to investment opportunities in DHCC.

2- Private Medical Centers & Hospital

Now let us move onto the private sector which answers the medical and healthcare needs of most of Dubai’s 3.3 million population.

·        Zulekha Hospital

Zulekha hospital was opened about two decades ago and with more than 140 beds is one of the popular medical centers that offer a range of different medical services such as urology, maternity, home care, cardiology and physiotherapy.

·        Medcare Hospital

Medcare is considered to be among the very best in the United Arab Emirates when it comes to healthcare. Established in 1970 provides the chief medical technologies to treat and cure patients of all ages and is known as one of the leading hospitals for metabolic, bariatric and weight management surgeries in the region.

·        NMC Hospital

NMC hospital which is part eh NMC Healthcare – considered to be the largest healthcare company in the United Arab Emirates – was founded in 2004; A multispecialty hospital which provides some of the finest medical services available in Dubai to its residents.

·        American Hospital Dubai

American hospital is the very first medical center to carry out robotic surgery in Dubai. This modern hospital that works with the American Heart Association or AHA in short, provides more than 250 beds for the residents.

·        Canadian Specialist Hospital

Canadian Specialist Hospital is one the biggest medical centers in all of Dubai. This hospital covers a wide range of different medical services such as cardiology, neurosurgery and dentistry.

·        Iranian Hospital

The Iranian Hospital which is part of the Iranian Red Crescent Society was founded in the early 1970s in the Jumeirah region and is one of the oldest healthcare providers in Dubai with an exterior that is reminiscent of Iranian architecture has more than 200 beds and is able to service more than 2500 outpatient every day.

·        Emirates Hospital

Emirates Hospital is one of the best hospitals that can be found anywhere in Dubai. Located on Jumeirah Beach

·        Saudi German Hospital

Saudi German hospital, founded about a decade ago provides more than 300 beds and six operating rooms and an array of private and VIP rooms and facilities that is available for residents and tourists alike.

·        Aster Hospital

Aster hospital provides a range of various medical services with the highest quality possible in areas like neurology, cardiology and gastroenterology. Aster hospital has various branches scattered across the United Arab Emirates that offers best possible medical services with its modern and top-notch facilities and equipment.

·        Medeor Hospital

Medero hospital which also goes by the name of Medeor 24/7 Hospital as is suggested by that name prides itself in providing residents of Dubai with round the clock prime medical services. Medeor hospital is host to a great range of departments such as dermatology, ophthalmology and cardiology.

·        Al Zahra Hospital

Al Zahra Hospital with its jaw dropping state of the art infrastructure is easily one of the most breathtaking medical centers anywhere in the UAE. With over 130 beds, Al Zahra provides medical services for more than 20.000 inpatients every year. Founded in 2013, this awe-inspiring hospital also has nine Intensive Care Units.

·        MediClinic Middle East

MediClinic owns seven different hospitals and clinics in the UAE. Their Dubai branch located in Al Qusais is considered to be among the prime medical centers in the city filled with high-class modern hospitals.

Bonus List:

The list of great hospitals and medical centers in Dubai is rather a long one and no one can cover all of them in one article and even though we tried our best, there are a few more that deserve to be mentioned. The following is a list of a few more important and well-known hospitals and medical centers in Dubai.

Burjeel Hospital, HMS Al Garhoud (Prime) Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital, Valiants Clinic & Hospital, Sultan Al Olama Medical Center, HMS Mirdif Hospital, Armada Medical Center, Fakeeh University Hospital, Laser Skin Care Clinic, Versailles Dental Clinic, MediClinic City Hospital, King’s College Hospital London, Neuro Spinal Hospital, ART Fertility Clinics, Westminster Ortho Med Clinic.

Final Word

One thing that anyone can be sure of is that in Dubai there are no shortages of clinics, hospitals and medical centers. Whether in the public or private sector, any resident of Dubai is able to find the best and finest healthcare services for all ages and there is nary a medical need that cannot be taken care of in this city.

And that is only one of the many reasons why everyday more and more investors move to Dubai not only for investment and business to reside permanently and enjoy the high quality of life provided for them.

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