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types of property in dubai

Types of Properties in Dubai

If you are an investor looking for information about the different types of properties in Dubai available for purchase and investment or just simply wondering how and where the more than three million citizens of Dubai reside in this bustling city of towers and skyscrapers (no, it is not just in penthouses!) we have you covered.

In this entry to our blog, we are going to take a closer look at the various kinds of real estate in the metropolitan area of Dubai but before moving any further we wanted to remind you that our qualified agents at Jasper Real Estate would be more than happy to hear from you if and when you have any inquiries about properties, their ownership and anything related to these matters in Dubai.

In this piece you will read:

  • Properties vs Ownerships
  • Residential properties in Dubai
  • Commercial properties in Dubai
  • Areas with available properties for freehold ownership
  • How to find a proper property in Dubai?

Types of Properties vs Types of Property Ownerships:

types of ownership in dubai11

Before we start introducing various kinds of properties and real estate available to foreign investors, we feel it is needed to review an important detail and that is the difference between properties and ownerships as they may be used interchangeably and confuse some readers.

In Dubai there are a few main types of property ownerships which are freehold, leasehold, commonhold, usufruct and musataha which these must not be confused with the different types of housing and real estate (residential or otherwise) which vary in range from villas and townhouses to showrooms and warehouses.

So, without further ado let us delve into the topic at hand. Like most big cities in the world the types of properties in Dubai are mainly separated into two major categories which are residential and commercial. But Dubai being one of the rather more exciting and modern cities of the world offers an incredible variety of different classes of buildings and we are going to introduce each and every one of them.

Types of Properties in Dubai: Residential

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First, we are going to take a look at all the exciting options at hand for anyone who wishes to reside in Dubai. The inhabitants of the most populated emirate of the seven have a wide range of choices at their disposal from apartments buildings to villas and townhouses. Let us go through them one by one.

·        Apartments

Just like most big cities of the world, apartments are the most affordable housing option among the different types of properties in Dubai. Their prices though can vary depending on the number of bedrooms and whether or not they are furnished.

·        Penthouses

Penthouses are the top floor of apartment buildings which are among the more expensive units found in mid or high-rise apartment buildings.

·        Duplexes

If you are looking for a bigger place you should be looking at duplex apartments. Duplex apartments are a two-level unit that usually can be found in high-rise buildings; The two levels of these units are connected to one another through a staircase located in the unit.

·        Villas

Villas do not need any introduction and they are one of the rather more interesting housing options among the very different types of properties in Dubai. These villas which are popular with people with big families or people who look to have more privacy come in different styles of design and architecture such as Mediterranean, Arabic, Spanish, Modern and Classic.

When it comes to villas, you can also opt for villa compounds or villa communities; Villa compounds in Dubai offer some advantages, some of which are shared facilities and nearby amenities amongst other things. Although it must be pointed out that certain villa communities in Dubai are available for freehold ownership by foreigners.

·        Townhouses

Townhouses which are among some of the more popular types of properties in Dubai are a kind of terraced house with more than one floor (usually two or at most three). The major difference between a villa and a townhouse is that unlike townhouses, villas do not share a wall with their adjacent houses.

·        Lofts

Like duplexes, lofts are another type of apartments normally with open floor plans, a high ceiling and a second half-story. These types of apartments are more suitable for people who wish to have more free space in order to make use of it in the way they wish.

·        Studios

A studio apartment is similar to lofts but it is normally just one big self-contained space with a separate bathroom. Studios are generally more popular with single working professionals or people who live alone.

Types of Properties in Dubai: Commercial

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Just like residential properties, commercial buildings and properties are not only in high demand but also offer a collection of wonderful choices to business investors who wish to set up their business in Dubai. In this part we are going to look at eight various types of commercial properties in Dubai.

·        Showrooms & Warehouses

Showrooms are normally huge free spaces that allow a brand or a company to demonstrate and showcase their products to their customers.
Warehouses are also large spaces that can be used for storage of goods and products before they are distributed in the market.

·        Offices

Bigger offices in Dubai are generally popular with companies who wish to establish a branch in the UAE and smaller office spaces are mostly occupied by locals. But that is not to say you will not be able to find your ideal office as there are a handful of business areas in Dubai packed with commercial buildings and apartments.

·        Commercial Buildings

A commercial building can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be a hotel, a shopping center. They can be occupied by one company as their headquarters or it can be a business center that hosts numerous different businesses in its different floors and units.

·        Commercial Floors

As mentioned above, commercial floors are available in malls, shopping centers and commercial buildings. There are also many shops and retail spaces available in the malls and shopping centers.

Also, it must be said certain villas in certain areas of Dubai can also be used as an office or a business center or even as a type of showroom.

·        Coworking Spaces

Everyday more and more businesses and startups set up camp in Dubai. One of the popular types of commercial properties is coworking spaces which are mostly available for rent.

These spaces help you to manage the costs of renting an office for your team and they are a fantastic choice if you are a freelancer looking for a vibrant palace of work which also gives you a certain amount of privacy.

·        Lands

There are a lot of pieces of land available in Dubai that can be used for commercial ventures and purposes. These pieces of land are mainly categorized in two sections: industrial and mixed-use.

As it is suggested by their titles, a mixed-use land can be used to host a variety of numerous business buildings and structures whereas an industrial piece of land is intended specifically for industrial companies and it can be utilized as house factories or business parks.

Areas with available properties for freehold ownership

types of property in dubai

Foreign investors and expats are allowed by the law to only acquire the ownership of property in certain designated areas also called freehold zones. There are more than 50 different areas in Dubai where foreigners can buy property;

some of the more popular ones are Emirate Hills, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Al Habtoor City, Arabian Ranches, Dubai International Financial Centre and Jumeirah Beach Residence among others.

How to find a proper property in Dubai?

In order to make the best choice you need to know what you are looking for exactly; Are you going to live alone or with your family? Are you a big family? In what kind of atmosphere do you wish your children to be living? Are you even looking to live or work in Dubai or this is merely an investment for you?

After answering these questions, you need to do more research on different areas available for foreigners, discover their prices along with the pros and cons. In the next step you need to get professional advice from qualified real estate agents and lawyers so as not to get into any pitfalls when you are trying to find and buy the best possible property for you.

Final word

Real estate in Dubai is thriving and as you saw, there is no shortage of choices for any investor who wishes to live or work in Dubai. The city offers an incredible range of resources when it comes to housing options. If you wish to find out more details about the prices and conditions of becoming the owner of any of the different types of properties we talked about in this post, make sure to contact us at Jasper Real Estate any time you wish.

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