Property Management

Jasper Real Estate has over 5 years experience managing investment properties for clients. We build great relationships with property owners and deliver quality services across all aspects of the property management process. We also build great relationships with tenants and work hard to match quality tenants with properties to achieve positive property investment outcomes. Jasper Real Estate understands you’ve worked hard to own an investment property and you need assistance to ensure it continues to grow in value while providing you with a steady year-round income. We make owning an investment property a simple, stress-free experience.


Buying a new home

We understand how challenging it can be to find the perfect property and to go through the process of purchasing it. That’s where we come in. We work with you to find the ideal property and purchase it. We represent you in the best way possible, so you achieve the best outcome. We offer a start to finish service including: Finding the ideal property, Negotiation of the purchase price, Direction and management of the exchange to settlement process, Arrangement of building and pest inspections, Legal representation, Financial assistance. And we do it all to ensure a seamless and successful settlement process for you.



Selling a home

We understand that selling your property is one of the most financially and personally significant challenges in your life and we will support you during this process. We also know that every property is unique and we cater to the individual requirements of each property owner. At Jasper Real Estate, we know marketing your home with a professional and passionate real estate agent can make a difference to the final outcome. When you list your property for sale with Jasper Real Estate, we partner with you to develop the right marketing approach to maximize your sale results. We even provide a range of informational resources to assist you with the sales process.


Mortgages and banks

Working with us can potentially save you time, effort, and money since we have more access to lenders than you have. We align our interests with your own to secure you the best deal on your mortgage.


Residency Visa

You can now buy a property in UAE and obtain your residency in Dubai. Dubai is a gorgeous city with fascinating structure, magical leisure activities, and comforting rules that makes the visitors journey so alluring to stay indefinitely. Being a resident of Dubai is not a dream any longer. The new residency and visa rules help you actualize the wish of becoming a UAE resident.
Golden Visa – Investor Investors who own a property for a value of AED 2,000,000 and above can apply for a 10 years renewable residency visa, and also sponsor their immediate family members.
Investor Visa Investors who own a property for a value of AED 750,000 and above can apply for a 2 years renewable residency visa, and also sponsor their immediate family members.
If you are interested in buying the perfect off-plan property in UAE and obtain your residency in Dubai, our team is ready to help you. contact our professional agents to ask your questions.